BIG MOVE: HBO Announces Monthly Subscription Service for Apple Products

I’ve never been a huge fan of Apple TV, just because my other streaming boxes can do so much more, specifically in regards to streaming music, photos and video from my dedicated 3TB media server all over the house (all the devices can talk to one another without proprietary systems).

But recent news may put Apple TV on my radar.  I’ve been dying for HBO to offer a stand alone monthly service that does not require a cable subscription.  And that day has finally come, albeit only for Apple products, which includes devices I do love such as the iPhone 6 and iPad 2 Air.hbo3

Announced in conjunction with the Apple Watch (I’m still on the fence with that one), the big news was HBO Now, available for $15/month, with no cable subscription needed.  I can’t wait to see what the cable companies have to say about this one now that their value has almost dropped completely to zero.  You can get sports on the ESPN app and other services now too, further damaging their already questionable value equation.

What a great time for the consumer; there’s so much access to great content, and even if you add together HBO Now, plus Amazon Prime, plus Hulu, plus Netflix, you can still come in around $50/month.  And look at all the options you have.

Nice move HBO and Apple.  This may prove to be more of a game changer than the Apple Watch in the end.

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