HBO, CBS and Lionsgate Break the Mold and Announce New Streaming Services

hbo3I never understood HBO’s reasoning for tying themselves to only customers who have a cable subscription.  That was how I remember HBO and Showtime working when I was a kid, but times have changed, and the new media tide is bigger and moving faster than these companies may have expected.

When I cut the cord, losing HBO was my biggest challenge because I love their content. Sure there are ways around it.  You can use someone else’s HBO Go account, or just wait for the programming to appear on Netflix or Amazon Prime.  But HBO’s content is discussed the day after it airs.  It’s timely and compelling.  It demands to be watched now.

Thankfully, HBO announced that they would be launching a stand alone streaming service that is unhooked from the cable subscription.  This was news to my ears.  And they will gain me back as a customer right away, and I’m sure I’m not alone.

And HBO’s announcement apparently blazed the way for a few others to embrace the streaming consumption trend.  CBS said they would make certain real time programming available via a stream for a small fee (I’m ok with that), and Lionsgate along with Tribeca Studios said they will launch a new streaming services for films.

Here’s the thing.  Cord cutting is a reality.  Many of us are willing to pay for the programming we enjoy.  We don’t expect it to be free. We just don’t want to pay for 300 channels of mostly garbage that we never watch.  And it looks like the studios and networks are finally going to give us an offering that meets these needs.

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