Holiday Gift Ideas for the Cable Cord Cutter – 2016 Edition

TV-gift-guideIt’s that time of the year when we look at the top holiday gifts and gadgets for the cord cutting enthusiast.  This year, I’m going to assemble a list of products we recommend and use ourselves as happy cord cutters, along with the best selling products that were sold through this site on Amazon for the year, which I believe offers a reflection of what most of you find to be the most useful in your cord cutting journey.

We are going to start with the ARRIS SURFboard SB6141 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem, which is one of the most important things I think a cord cutter can buy. Too many of us are still using old, inefficient modems, or even worse, still paying to rent them monthly from a service provider.  This is only $70, will increase your download speed, and avoids having to pay for renting a modem.

Yamaha NX-P100 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Next up is the Yamaha NX-P100 Portable Bluetooth Speaker, which I’m including for a number of reasons, but first and foremost, after you’ve cut the cable cord, you quite literally are no longer tied to the cord and wall outlet, meaning you can take your media anywhere.  We wrote an article about setting up an outdoor theater, and using a bluetooth speaker such as this for sound is a necessity.

RIF6 Cube Mobile Projector

Speaking of outdoor theaters, here’s the best little projector we’ve ever seen, the RIF6 Cube Mobile Projector (now with) with 120-inch Display, which I wish mine had.  It’s hard to believe this little guy can kick out a good picture, but you will be stunned at the quality.  Simply connect your streaming device to the projector, hook up your ancillary sound, and you can enjoy a movie anywhere.  This device is quite simply, amazing.

I’m sure everyone already knows about Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Roku like devices that easily plug into your TV and instantly make it a “smart TV” capable of broadcasting all your streaming services.  So I wanted to highlight a new device from Roku that is only $29 called Roku Express.  It is a smaller box, that stands alone from the TV (versus a stick that plugs directly into the HDMI), but it’s a simple plug and play still, just connect via HDMI cable, and you’re off and running with the Roku experience.  I like this because it’s great for guest rooms, kids rooms, guest houses, anywhere you want a super inexpensive solution to stream your favorite shows.

Mohu Leaf 50 TV Antenna

If you’ve read this site or any other about cord cutting, you’re probably aware of the HD antenna, which can grab the HD TV signals already beaming around your house, and pull them down to your TV for free.  Here’s the Mohu Leaf 50 TV Antenna that has a 50 mile range, which is about double where we were just a handful of years ago.  A one time investment of $50 in this antenna is all it takes to pull down a bunch of HD TV programming.  Plus this antenna is paper thin, and super easy to set up.  Definitely worth a shot.

Next is a great little, inexpensive contraption that will come in handy for many of you, the Logitech 980-000910 Bluetooth Audio Adapter.  This little $22 gizmo will plug into the RCA or 3.5 mm jack on any existing speaker you have and allow your smartphone or device to connect to it via bluetooth and play audio through the speaker.  So maybe it’s a good time to dig through your closet and find that old portable speaker you ditched a few years back, because now, it can be bluetooth enabled.

Here’s another handy cable for all of you Droid users, a Micro USB to HDMI Adapter Cable.  I use mostly Apple devices, but have one Galaxy tablet and this works great for connecting to a screen or a projector.

And finally, I want to recommend Amazon Prime Video.  We use a combination of Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video for almost all of our streaming video, and over the years we’ve seen a shift in the amount we use each one.  Several years ago, Netflix was the dominant player, and they still are to a large degree, but certain features within Amazon Prime Video really make it a standout for us, namely, the original content, and the ability to download shows for offline viewing, like on airplanes.  We wrote a whole article about why Amazon Prime Video is so awesome, but if you’re still on the fence about Amazon Prime and the 2-day shipping isn’t enough to push you over the edge, the video should.

Thanks for reading the site, and congrats on finally cutting the cord.

Disclaimer: We were not paid to include any item on this list, nor did we receive any items for free or at a discount for listing them here.  These are products we purchased and enjoy using ourselves.  The links to Amazon are affiliate links however, and this site will earn a commission for any purchases made through them, which contributes to the cost to maintain this site.  

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2 comments on “Holiday Gift Ideas for the Cable Cord Cutter – 2016 Edition
  1. Andra says:

    Question about the cable modem – I thought that if we are trying to cut cable – how would that work out? I want to get rid of my cable altogether….

    • admin says:

      The cable modem is strictly for cable internet access if you go that route. If you get your internet from another source you wouldn’t use this modem. I use cable internet, with no cable TV

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