How to Watch The Superbowl if You’re a Cord Cutter

cbsIf you follow this site, chances are you’ve cut the cord on cable TV and now you face one of your biggest challenges so far – how to stream the Superbowl.  Well, I’ve got good news for you, because this year it’s easier than ever thanks to the CBS Sports app.

You can install the app on your streaming device which will be the easiest and cleanest way to do it.  So you can put the app on your Roku, Apple TV, XBOX or Amazon Fire TV.  This is convenient since you probably already have this plugged into your TV.  If not, you can use Chromecast.  And if you still have issues, just download the app to your tablet or iPhone and pipe it back to your TV via HDMI.

It seems as though is also going to stream the game if you need to go browser based.

Keep in mind that in years past the stream has been a little bumpy at times as it is pulled down by a zillion devices, so let’s hope they have enough bandwidth dedicated to giving everyone a good stream. Enjoy, and thanks for supporting this site.

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2 comments on “How to Watch The Superbowl if You’re a Cord Cutter
  1. Emily D. says:

    Will a service like arcvpn really unblock online content for CBS like they say? I would like to watch while overseas.

    • admin says:

      I’m not positive but I’ll post the comment here and maybe someone who has tried ArcVPN can chime in.

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