Sling Into the Future With Sling TV From Dish Networks

It’s hard to believe it’s taken this long for someone to figure this game out, but it appears that satellite TV provider Dish Network may have taken the first big step in the right direction for Internet television programming.

They took a page from the tried and true Netflix and Hulu model, realizing that people are more than willing to pay for the content they want for a monthly subscription rate that is reasonable. The offering is called Sling TV, and it is accessible via an app for your Roku, Amazon Fire Stick or other streaming box.

The over-the-Internet service is $20 a month, billed monthly, and offers access to 12 critical, previously-cable-only, programming that includes ESPN and ESPN 2 (big ones for most people), along with CNN, Food Network, Travel Channel, HGTV, TNT, TBS, Disney Channel, ABC Family, Maker and Cartoon Network.

Keep in mind this is for live TV. There’s no pausing. But if you follow my advice here and get an HD antenna (because that will get your local channels), and then match that with Hulu and Netflix, and now you’re paying just over $30/month for a massive amount of content.

Let’s hope this sparks some interest from more companies to do something similar.  A little competition wouldn’t hurt.

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One comment on “Sling Into the Future With Sling TV From Dish Networks
  1. Jeff says:


    Is there a site or forum where I can list the channels I want and then find out the cheapest way to get JUST THOSE?

    I need:
    NBC Sports
    Big Ten Network

    Nice to have but not necessary:
    BeIn Sports

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