The Xfinity TV App Is Actually OK; And Why To Get a New Modem

I’m not sure if this letter went out to everyone, but the other day I received a letter from Comcast. Usually, these go right in recycling after reading the first line, but this one caught my attention. My Internet speed was being increased but my modem was too old to process it. So I needed to get a new modem.

My modem was at least 4 years old, a now ancient version of the Motorola Surfboard so I wasn’t too upset to have to replace it. I called Comcast tech support to find the best, and fastest new modem they would recommend. This turned out to be the best customer service call I’ve ever had from Comcast.

First the gentleman walked me through a couple modem options and I settled on the new Motorola Surfboard SB6141 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem and purchased it through Amazon for $86.

Then the customer service rep told me to call back when I received the model, read them the serial number and some other IDs, and I’d be off and running at new super fast speeds. I wish I had more faith in Comcast.  I was skeptical.

Then as I was getting ready to hang up the gentleman said, “oh and this new speed will be $10 less a month than what you are already paying.” Now I was really skeptical. How often does this happen?  A proactive price decrease? So I said “sure, sounds great.” (After 8 months this cost savings would have paid for the new modem, and I’d be enjoying fast speeds the whole time.  What a bargain)

xfinityThen he went one step further and told me about the Xfinity TV app that I could download and use my Comcast account to access a ton of free TV (I guess he knew I was a cord cutter obviously).

So I asked him why anyone would need to pay for cable TV since I’m getting all this content for free as a subscriber, and he was silent for a minute.  “OK,” I thought, “now I’m on to something.”

So I downloaded the Xfinity TV app, which you can find links for here for all your different devices and mobile operating systems.

And guess what? There’s a ton of good, free content on here. Stuff I wish I had known about the whole time. Using this app may render some of the others I love, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon, to be unnecessary. Regardless of what other paying services you might be able to drop or not subscribe too, this is a great resource to know of, for free if you’re an Internet customer.  It’s not a one stop shop that will blow your mind, but it’s not bad.

Then the modem arrived, one day actually since Amazon Prime sometimes really overdelivers, and I connected everything and made my dreaded call to Comcast support to hook everything up.

Turns out I got another really helpful gentleman. And now I’m up and running, and I will say the service is blazing. Pages load instantly. And as we put more strain on the system with a multitude of devices hitting the connection constantly from all over the house, this is a welcome addition.

So thanks Comcast. In this instance, I’m actually a very satisfied (Internet paying only) customer.

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One comment on “The Xfinity TV App Is Actually OK; And Why To Get a New Modem
  1. Kelley says:

    Beware the xfinity stream APP is in Beta and they will be charging you 10-15 a month to access it at some point. Too Bad I was beginning to think they were becoming customer friendly :(((

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